Technical DataB92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G

B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G


  • B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G
  • B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G
  • B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G
  • B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G


  • B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G
  • B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G
  • B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G
  • B92V/91V KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G


Model Rated Power (Kw/rpm) Emission Fuel Tank Capacity (L)
YC6G240-30(KLQ6118G) 177(240PS) Euro Ⅲ 200
CA6DDL1-26E3(KLQ6118G) 192(261) Euro Ⅲ 200
SC8DK250Q3(KLQ6128G/KLQ6118G) 184(250PS) Euro Ⅲ 200
imported Cummins ISBE220 31(KLQ6128G) 162(220ps) Euro Ⅲ 200
YC6G270-30 (KLQ6128G) 199(270ps) Euro Ⅲ 200
Cummins ISLE+280B(KLQ6128G) 206(280ps) Euro Ⅲ 200


Gear Box6 speed gear box
Clutchdiaphragm spring clutch
AxleDongfeng6.5Tfront drum axle、13Trear drum axle (KLQ6128G) / Dongfeng5.5Tfront drum axle、11Trear drum axle(KLQ6118G)
Braking Systemfront/rear drum brake,Chinese retarder
Suspension Systemfront4rear5leaf spring(KLQ6128G) / front3rear4 leaf spring(KLQ6118G)
Steering Systempower steering gear


Body2 steps structure
Passenger Doorfront single rear double pneumatic inward swing door
Windowlower sealed upper aluminum frame sliding side window
Seatengineering plastic passenger seats with hard surface, high backrest driver seat and adjustable
Audio-visual SystemRadio
A/Ccommon interior(without air-outlet,composite board and inner ceiling with leather material imitation,PVC board),deluxe dashboard, anti-attrition floor leatheroid
Interiorelectric ventilation(option),driver fan,digital clock,brake lamp,common ticket selling plate,middle door and back bus monitor,stainless fare box,inner bus rolling screen,destination board,ceiling handrail,passenger hand hoop
Service Facilities


L*W*H (mm)12000×2550×3000(3150)(KLQ6128G) / 11460×2550×3000(3150)(KLQ6118G)
Wheelbase (mm)6100(KLQ6128G) / 5700 (KLQ6118G)
Overhang Front/Rear (mm)2600/3300(KLQ6128G) / 2610/3150(KLQ6118G)


Manufacturer's Max Total Mass (kg)18000(KLQ6128G) / 17500(KLQ6118G)
Complete Vehicle Kerb Mass (kg)11600(KLQ6128G) / 11300(KLQ6118G)
Seating Capacity37seats+1,97/24-50seats(KLQ6128G) / 85,24-46seats(KLQ6118G)

Performance Specification

Max. speed>= (km/h)85
Fuel Consumption(Rated Condition)
Approach/Departure Angle
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