Warranty Scope:

On the premises that the vechicles are accurately operated and maintained based on the "Higer Bus Warranty Booklet" and "Higer Bus User's Mannual", and except the items in the "Warranty Limitation" and within the warranty period, the service stations authorized by Higer Bus shall judge the defective parts and components and apply the reparation of the ones resulted from the product quality free of charge so that the products can recover their normal performance.

The warranty parts shall be replaced only if reparation is unsuccessful.

The assembly shall be repaired or replaced only if the reparation or replacement of parts unsuccessful.

Warranty period:

Complete vehicle warranty period

1) Warranty time: Within 18 months from the day the vehicle is legally licenced or 24 months from the day the vehicle leaves Higer factory

2) Warranty mileage: within 120,000 km

3) The warranty period shall expire whichever of the above two items comes

4) It excludes the items in the "Warranty limitation

Parts warranty period

When the parts in the complete vehicle have been repaired or replaced based on the warranty terms, the warranty period of the repaired parts or new parts shall be the remaining period of the original ones.