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    Science & Technology Build

    Aiming at making buses and coaches with safety, comfort and added value, HIGER BUS has been actively researching and developing as well as importing cutting-edge technologies with the principle of differentiation operation and product development based on market tendency in order to enhance technological advantages and establish an advanced customer-oriented R&D mechanism.

    In terms of product development, Higer takes a parallel development route that combines self-development and international cooperation. It creates the R & D platform jointly with the King of the road, Sweden Scania and has become one of its only two global strategic partners after IRIZAR. Relying on its superior talents policies, Higer has attracted many talented people to join and to form a powerful R & D team. At present, Higer Product Development Technology Center has R & D staff of 150, and 20% of them have master's degree or above. In 2003, Higer established the enterprise's post-doctoral research station, which makes the enterprise become the talent highland in Chinese commercial vehicle industry. In addition, Higer actively cooperates with many domestic high learning institutes of auto majors, scientific research institutions and domestic and international well-known bus companies and bus parts enterprises in development of advanced commercial vehicle products. In 2002 Higer cooperated with the domestic famous enterprise Shandong Weichai to form one new powerful and dynamic partnership and firstly launched the powerful 360 hp large-sized buses in China. In 2003 Higer also cooperated with South Korean Daewoo to build the large-sized bus with Daewoo diesel engine  called as  "Perfect Storm of power”. Since 2006, it has promoted the cooperation strength with the international advanced bus manufacturers, cooperating with Sweden Scania to jointly launch the SCANIA • HIGER A80, A90 serial high-end luxury commercial vehicles,opening a new era for Higer to march into the high-grade commercial vehicle market .

    Taking a customer-oriented product development route, Higer established an advanced customer management system for analysis of customers' demands. In view of the characteristics of the various market segments, according to the needs of customers, Higer carries out a targeted product development and market segmentation to meet customers' "characteristic" demands. In terms of  products developing technologies, Higer uses two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphing, finite element analysis, product data management and other computer-aided design techniques, so that customer's special requirements and the corresponding technical improvements all can be formed on computer and communicated through computer network with the production base and supply,  sales and other departments concerned, which enables the quick response and realization of customers' demands.