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The extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) is advantageous due to being driven by a motor separately as electric bus and energy replies on both battery and generator set. Also, its battery capacity is only 30% to 40% of one electric vehicle and it is available to be charged with the low power rechargeable piles. Higer EREV KLQ6129GQHEV1 is equipped with small power engine (constant driving range of up to 50 km with pure power) and the high reliability is confirmed. The fuel consumption of this model is 30% to 35% lower than the conventional model.

Higer  KLQ6129GQHEV1

Through the development of such model, Higer Bus walks an important step in the hybrid power new energy industry. For example, EREV can be considered to be used in the short haul transport from Suzhou to Shanghai, actually it can be recharged in short time.