Key Word:Higer G-BOS tourist coach fuel consumption
Since the launching of Higer G-BOS, Longkou Public Transport Company is the first client that asks for the application of G-BOS in Shandong Province. Jiang Ronghui, general manager of this company emphasized that it was G-BOS made them know the whole process for the fuel consumption and found not all high fuel consumption is caused by the drivers’ operation. Also, this system enabled them to get the solutions for some problem that can not be solved by GPS, such as long idle running and high rotation speed.

host interface of Higer G-BOS

Since the formal application of Higer G-BOS in August 2010, Jiang Ronghui found that the system offered favorable conditions for the effective management of the company for the real-time monitoring of vehicles, operation data and record of drivers’ driving behaviors. According to the data from G-BOS, the transport company made related training for the drivers to improve their operation behaviors.

dashboard with G-BOS

He mentioned that they once were puzzled by the reason of high fuel consumption of one of their tourist coach and finally found the high rotation of resulted in that condition due to the data analysis by G-BOS for 28 days. Then, they adjusted the speed ratio and reduced that of main gear reducer to 3.545 from 3.909 to improve it. The fuel consumption dropped from 28.89L to 25.43L. “The fuel economy is quite obvious, and we can save about 10,000 Yuan RMB if this bus drives 50,000 kilometer one year with 25L per one hundred kilometers now while 28L in the past.” G.M. Jiang showed that they would equip G-BOS systems on all the new vehicles if the cost is reasonable.

Jiang Ronghui, general manager of Longkou Public Transport Company