Key Word:Higer Bus G-BOS intelligence
It is know that the activities "Intelligence Operation Lecture" of Higer Bus will be continuously held in all the provinces and autonomous regions apart from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan till the end of 2011 since the first stop in Hangzhou on 30 November 2010.

On 14 December 2010, the representatives from transport companies and departments in Shandong province attended this activity held in Jinnan and communicated with the engineers from Higer Bus and some customers about G-BOS system.

Huang Shuping, the Deputy General Manger of Higer Bus mentioned that, "Based on careful observation of the management experience of some European passenger transport companies and full research of the management trouble of the domestic counterpart, we launch Higer G-BOS system to offer All-life-circle Management."

Through three years' research and development, Higer Bus makes G-BOS (G represents 3G:GPS、GIS、GPRS and BOS is "bus operation system" for short) capable of online monitor, analytical math model of driver' s behavior, GPS management, 3G video transmission, recorder and visual reversing. This system not only enhances the integrity and the systematicness of buses, but also greatly reduces operation cost. It is known that two of the functions of G-BOS: analysis of driver’s behavior and stitching matching are the creative in China and the advanced one in the world. The various management means, information tools and follow-up service of the system offer comprehensive solutions for bus operators for operation management and are of far reaching importance.

"Since the launching of G-BOS, our technicians have hold more than 300 lectures for the customers and the related companies for promotion. More and more customers learn this system. 'Intelligence Operation Lecture' aims to promote some customers' successful operation experience for G-BOS and to help more transport companies to realize intelligent management, safe operation, energy-saving and durability." Introduced by Wang Xinliang, the head of Brand Management Department of Higer Bus.

Wang Zhitao, the Deputy General Manager from Jinan Lvshun Tourist Company said that "We have found the benefits of G-BOS system, for example, the fuel consumption per one hundred kilometers for each bus has reduced at least 2 to 3 liters through the real-time monitoring of the drivers'  operation behavior."

Du Jiayong, the division head from Taian Transport Group showed that, "The functions of G-BOS are more powerful than that of the GPS we universally used before. The latter only shows the position rather than the exact condition of the vehicles as well as the driver's operation behavior."