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In this December, the third Hope Primary School donated by Higer Bus was formally build up in Tibet, the snowy highland with the highest elevation in the world and the other two schools are located in Guizhou and Gansu province respectively.

The pupils in the Hope Primary School donated by Higer Bus

Longzi County, Tibet is one of the four border land counties in the southern region of the Himalaya. The local primary school is 17 kilometers far from Longzi County. The economy development is laggard and the elementary education is weak due to the influence of the geographical environment. The computer classroom assisted by the government in 2002 has almost been scrapped and the related lectures have stopped since autumn in 2009.

When learning about these pupils' requirements, Higer Bus contacted the related department of the local Education Bureau and donated 300,000 Yuan RMB for the reconstruction of the computer classroom. The principal said that the children could use it soon rather than only studying theory without any change to practice with computer and expressed gratitude to Higer Bus.

As the fasted growing innovative company, Higer Bus focused on the creation of the corporate culture, the cultivation of humanities and undertaking of the corporate citizenship when grows quickly. It actively donated money and materials for the people in the disaster areas for Wenchuan Earthquake sponsored the movie "Clutch Time" about encouragement and offered vehicles for two public welfare activities named "the starts take you to visit the World Expo".

In recent five years, Higer Bus continuously pays attention to the public benefit activities and set up "Mother Higer Loving-care", donating the hope primary schools and keeping in contact with the pupils. This July, the labor union of Higer Bus and "Mother Higer Loving-care", organized the visiting activities of the Hope Primary Schools with the school things and gathered with pupils for sport meeting, story and game. At present, Higer Bus silently made its contribution to the education of the disaster areas and the poor areas and donated one Hope Primary School every two years.