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The 16th Asian Games will be held on 12 November in Guangzhou. It is known that there have been yet more than 500 Higer buses involved with the service for the Asian Games around competition venues, Asian Games Village, press center, traffic control center, hotels, airport and mainstream roads. In addition, 32 Higer buses are prepared for emergency around the passenger flow stations.

Higer bus for the Asian Games

According to Ding Hui, the General Coordinator of Higer Bus for service of the Asian Games, it is required by Higer Bus that the related service staff and maintenance personnel get ready for the service about one month ago in order to make sure good operation of vehicles. Since this February, Higer Bus has set up the service guarantee team (Customer Service Director as the head of the team) for the Asian Games in charge of service coordination and 4 teams for emergency service in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan and Shanwei for safety checking as well as guarantee service for Higer buses.

Higer buses for the Asian Games

Spare parts supply is the key point for the service. The delivery time for spare parts leads to the service time. Therefore, Higer Bus specially built up spare parts storage and signed agreement with three bus maintenance and repair factories in Guangzhou, forming the three-level service guarantee system referring to resident service team, mobile service team and coordination team, based on the experience from Beijing Olympic Games and Doha Asian Games to effectively solve the problem for the long distance from venues and components warehouse, making full and enough preparations for the smooth operation of Higer buses during the Asian Games.