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On 20 October, the celebration party, the large-sized public service activity of the World Expo was held in the Expo Park. Many Chinese stars attended it and enjoyed with the stay-at-home children from Sichuan and Chongqing. Higer Bus was appointed as the official transport vehicle provider again. And it is another designated service vehicle for large-size activity after the service for Boao Forum for Asia.

3 classic Higer vans with different color

From 19 to 21 Oct., Higer vans ran among airport, hotel and Expo Park for the transport service. Creative appearance, remarkable body paste and comfortable interior make Higer vans highlighted and outstanding like star.

Generous space (1.6-meter high), VIP leather seats, imported teak bars and LED show the elegance of the van. Meanwhile, the combination of the advantages of MVP and light bus makes both the Chinese stars and the activity organizer satisfied. The safe, punctual and comfortable service and good performance (such as good privacy as well as stability)   of the Higer vans are fully approved, which offer quiet and comfortable environment for the stars who took.

Higer H90 and van

The organizing committee awards Higer Bus the honorable title of “Loving Care Partner” for the good service of Higer Bus in the activities. Higer Bus proved its temperament and style of a loving care company with practical action.