1. "Higer Safety Classroom"

In the face of the heavy pressure of financial crisis, Higer Bus made brand activities to tie up the relationship with customers with safety as the obvious sign of Higer. Higer Bus provided safety training and there were 20 lectures in total in 2009 with 1900 participants.


2. The First to Pass through the Verification of ISO14001 Environmental Management in the Industry

 On 10 February 2009, the experts of China Quality Center announce that Higer buses gained the qualification of direct recommendation of CQC in Suzhou, which means Higer Bus will get ISO14001:2004 certification and become the first company with environmental management system in China bus industry in favor of opening the international market over green trade barriers.

 On the verification scene, the experts believed that the exquisite planning of environment system, normative operation, environment objective showing the product features, scale and management requirements, reasonable management manuals, files and proper control programs of Higer Bus comply with the certification standard and regulations.

 3. The Main Props in the Movie "Clutch time" in Memory of 5.12 Earthquake

 On 15 May 2009, the Movie "Clutch time" sponsored by Higer Bus made a release called "We walked together and take 5.12 to our mind". This movie is based on the real event of Wenchuan earthquake and Higer H92 luxury bus is the main props. Ten-year's effort and dedication makes today's achievements and Higer always takes the social responsibility in its own ways.

 4. Higer Awards "China's 500 Most Valuable Brand" again.

 On 16 June 2009, the World Brand Lab announce the list of the 2009 the 6th "China's 500 Most Valuable Brand" in Grand Hyatt Beijing. In this list based on financial analysis, consumers' behavior analysis and brand intensity analysis, Higer Bus occupies the 112th with the brand worth of about one billion USD. The brand value of Higer Bus increases about 143.6 million USD compared with that in 2008.

 5. Higer Bus Become One of the First Companies with the National Exemption of Export Inspection 2009 .

 In July 2009, Higer Bus got the certification of national exemption of export inspection. It is the top honor for the exporting commodity producers. The qualified companies are capable of exemption of export inspection and free of inspection fees, which save time, cost and enjoys the convenient measures of quarantine as well inspection. Therefore, it demands strict and high standards and there are currently 100 qualified companies.

 6. Higer Bus Passes ECE Regulation for the Third Time.

 On 31 July 2009, Higer Bus successfully passed the rollover tests of 11-meter bus on National Bus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in Chongqing. This is the third time for Higer Bus to pass the required standard test of ECE R66 regulations.

 7. 325 Higer Buses Break Guinness World Records

 On 21 August 2009, 325 Higer buses attended Ramadan Celebration of Qatar. 325 Higer V90 buses ran with the speed of 20km/h and kept the space of 10-15 meters, which breaks the original Guinness World Records made by 119 buses in Germany in January. It is know that Higer Bus has become the first bus brand in local region.


8. New Waving "H" Figurative Mark

Since 1 May 2009, Higer Bus adopted new mark in the domestic market to realize the uniform of Higer mark. The new Higer figurative mark got active response of the domestic customers and the mark change went on smoothly. As of the end of December 2009, there were 10134 units with new mark. The new waving "H" mark starts the new era of Higer brand.

 9. Higer Bus Shows in the Busworld Kortrijk and Cooperates with Scania for New Models.

 On 15 October 2009, Higer buses showed at Busworld Kortrijk and produced a new bus with Scania: Scania Touring. These two bus manufacturers produced buses in China and sold in the global market. The cooperation of both bus builders has extended to European even the global bus market, which means a good beginning for the high-end product image of Higer Bus.


10. Higer Bus Successfully Creates the First "5A Safety Guiding System".

In 2009, Higer bus established the "5A Safety Guiding System" based on the three levels safety mode. It brought about the five in one safety concept, referring to safety, technical equipments safety, management promotion safety, service safeguard safety and customers’ training to provide full-range, whole process and high reliability safety solutions.