Higer Bus Publishes Green Paper of Natural Gas Bus (NG)

 In early June 2012, five counselors of the State Council visited Ministry of Transportation to survey the promotion of LNG vehicles. Within one year, LNG vehicles are developing fast in China, from less than one hundred to around ten thousand units. LNG bus market blossoms as well. For the natural gas bus builders, Higer Bus makes a contribution on adjusting energy supply structure. 



Green paper of Natural Gas Bus

Green paper of Natural Gas Bus

With the oil prices being rising as well as the popularization of the low carbon energy conservation environmental protection, Higer Bus released green paper of Natural Gas Bus (NG) in September. This is the another paper that follows a authority issued white paper Safety in 2009. Higer Bus, once again, take the lead action in the industry. The paper shows reflects Higer concerning and investigating in the natural gas bus segments .


Higer Natural Gas Bus

Higer LNG Bus

Data from 50 bus manufacturers showed that 18,837 NG buses were sold in 2011, increasing 29.82%. Sales proportion of NG buses in total buses increased from 6.54% to 7.78%. 29 of 50 bus manufacturers set foot in NG buses. In 2011 5670 LNG buses were sold, accounting for 30.1% of total NG buses. LNG vehicles in China are expected to reach 200 thousand units at the end of the twelfth five-year.

Adhering to the mission of "reducing operation cost and promoting energy-saving & emission-reduction", Higer offers safe, reliable, economic and environmentally-friendly NG buses to customers. As the LNG bus builders, Higer Bus take the responsibility to let the public to learn more about LNG buses as well as its future development so as to really make use of them to serve people.