Higer Holds the Safety Class

 Latest data from the State Council Traffic Safety Commission Office shows that from August 2012, four severe traffic accidents occurred, 71 dead and 18 injured.

Higer, dedicated in traffic safety for many years, produces safe buses for the society. After the intelligent safety class in 2011, Higer started it again in September this year to advocate passenger transport safety, in accordance with government's requirements. Administrative staff of passenger transport enterprises from Shandong, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang gathered together for the class.



"In order to produce high-quality and safe products, Higer invests 4% of its annual sales volume to make experiments and accumulates many materials. Newly-developed Higer models will face rollover test for the safety of the buses." Engineer Xu, Guozhang said. Robot welding guarantees the quality and improve the safety.

G-BOS, like the brain of Higer bus, is able to check the whole bus automatically when turned on and send the report remotely including driving data and operation, etc.



In the principle of humane care, Higer takes its social responsibility to improve the transport safety consciousness, revealing the courage and spirit of China mainstream bus manufacturer.