Higer NG buses run in 25 provinces

Till the first half this year, there are over 4,000 Higer NG buses are running across China, and Higer inter-city LNG coaches are entering Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu and Hebei provinces, leading on sales in China. 

During the past ten years, CNG is widely used on taxi and city buses due to the shorter running distance, and there are as much as 500 cubic meters LNG is stored in Higer LNG coaches, and the vehicel can run for over 500 km, and it takes just three to five minutes to refill the gas. 
Higer buses running in Jiangsu province

The comprehensive consumption of fuel can be 20-30% less than that of diesel  buses. 

512 LNG coaches started to serve Jiangsu Dayun Transport Company which covers Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Nantong. And the coaches prove to be rather fuel efficient. 

The 134 Higer LNG coaches consumed 8.62 million L, and 245 million Yuan were saved, down 34.29% compared with diesel engine buses. 

Shandong Transport Group: Higer LNG buses can save more than 20% 
There are already over 50 Higer LNG buses running in Shandong Transport Group, and Higer LNG buses can run as much as 1,200 km if the two natural gas cylinders are filled. And the fuel costs can be saved more than 20% if we consume that 1L diesel and 1.2 cubic meter gas can give the same heat. 
Xinjiang Jianda passenger transport company: Higer NG buses can save 50% 
The Company owns business in Turpan, Urumchi etc. district, and the buses can save as much as 50% operation costs due to the rich gas reservation locally. Higer sign long-term cooperation agreement with Kunlun Energy to ensure construction of gas stations. 

Guangdong passenger transport: 80,000 Yuan can be saved for each Higer bus 

They purchased 15 Higer LNG inter-city coaches including 8m, 9m and 10.7m which are rather fit for the road conditions in Guangdong, and one bus can save 84,000 Yuan in one year and they can get back the investment in eleven months, much less than like diesel buses.