Higer G-BOS Saves Jinchi Transport Company 4L/100km

From 2011, Jichi Transport Company equipped 24 Higer buses of its over 100 buses with G-BOS, which saved 4L/100km per unit and the company became the only one with large-scale installation of G-BOS. 


"Higer Intelligence" Ceremony

"G-BOS has many practical functions, such as driver behavior analysis, online surveillance, oil consumption management, maintenance management and 3G video transmission etc." Party Secretary of Jinchi Transport Company Chai, Jianxin said, "Taking driver behavior analysis for instance, G-BOS may correct the bad driving behavior. We can check each driver's operation through data selection and provide the guidance." 


Party Secretary of Guiyang Jinchi Transport Company Chai, Jianxin

Party Secretary of Guiyang Jinchi Transport Company Chai, Jianxin

In the meanwhile, according to data analysis, each bus is able to save 4L-6L per 100km, equipped with Higer G-BOS, which brought good benefits for the company.

What's the most satisfactory for Jinchi Company is the important role G-BOS plays in the safe driving.

"Modern technology used in bus transport industry will promote effective management and safety factors." Chai, Jianxi said, "We wish to equip other models with G-BOS in the future "