Higer School Buses always on the Way to Safeguard School Students


 On March 30th, the large-scale musical challenge class welfare program was broadcast in Hunan Satellite TV premiere, which is organized to raise money to purchase professional school buses for the children who are in Chinese poverty-stricken areas. For Higer Bus, due to its professional school bus products equipping with intelligent system, showing safety performance and also meeting the requirement of the national school buses rules,  Higer school bus was designated as the only supply party for donating the school bus to the poor schools in China. Therefore,  as the cooperation, Higer Bus also brought its intelligent school buses debuted at the program scene. 


Higer school bus was designated as the only supply party in Hunan Satellite TV

By June 1st 2012, it is tenth times that the musical challenge class welfare program has been broadcast and it has raised 11.23 million yuan for donating 56 units of Higer school buses for the poor school in Xinjiang, Shanxi, Hainan, Henan, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, Ningxia, Hunan etc. Nearly ten provinces and cities.


The children happily run to Higer school bus

As the first bus manufacturer which supports the public-benefits music program, Higer has never stopped its pace in public-benefits activities since the foundation of the company.

In June, a Higer happy school bus donated by Hunan Satellite TV was delivered to one school in Guzhang County of Hunan Province, for transporting over 300 rural students.

On April 7th, 2012, the second phase of HNTV Large-scale music challenge program was organized, at the end of which RMB 880 thousand Yuan was raised. The money would be used to purchase four Higer school buses for four schools of Shangri-La of Yunnan Province, from which three pupils experienced the Higer school buses happily.

It is the love that brings school buses to the children in poverty-stricken area and it is Higer school buses that will make the children safer to go to school.