Zambia: Higer Bus Trains Drivers & Mechanics for Better Services


 The number of deaths from road traffic accidents is increasing in Zambia every year. The reason to this escalation in the mortality remains a big challenge to the road sector and relevant authorities.When road traffic accidents occurs, especially on long distance routes, human error on the part of motorists accounts for more than 90 per cent of this needless loss.This is why Higer Bus Zambia Limited has come up with the concept of training both drivers and mechanics on the operation and maintenance of its Higer buses, which are being used by a number of long distance transporters countrywide.

In late March 2012, Higer Bus Zambia Limited organized a safety training, which was so good that the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA) noticed the Higer Bus to organized it once again in early April to let more drivers and mechanics to join the training. Further, Higer Bus Zambia Limited's road safety initiative has also received blessings from central Government.The training would also prolong the lifespan of 35 Higer buses and 30 cars that China has donated to Zambia to ease transport blues in ministries and other Government institutions.


Higer Bus Zambia Limited organized a safety training

Higer Bus Zambia Limited organized a safety training


According to Higer Bus Zambia Limited managing director Wu Ming, the training is in line with the company's initiative to maintain high levels of safety in the public transport sector by equipping mechanics and drivers with relevant knowledge to guarantee road safety.

"Higer buses are strong, reliable, and suitable for Zambian roads. If we maintain them well, they shall serve us well and shall ensure prolonged use," Mr Wu said at a ceremony where the excited course participants were presented with certificates at new Government complex.


The leaders visited the Higer bus

Prior to this, as a way of motivating the trainees to fully concentrate on acquiring the enhanced road safety knowledge, Mr Wu promised that Higer Bus Zambia Limited will consider employing mechanics who would excel in the training.

He said the company, which plans to set up an assembly plant in Zambia to cater for the Southern African region market and beyond, will continue with its culture of conducting annual road safety training programmes as a way of contributing to efforts aimed at reducing unnecessary loss of lives through road accidents.

Commenting on the training, Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA) director Martin Mbangu described the short course as a valuable contribution to the agency's core constitutional mandate of promoting road safety and reducing road crashes in Zambia.

Presenting certificates to training participants, Deputy Minister of Transport, Communications, Works and Supply Mwenya Musenge said Government was happy that the company had taken practical steps to enhance road safety.He said Higer Bus Zambia Limited has been Government's partner in development in so many areas, some of which include provision of high quality buses.

Since Zambia, like many other African nations, is highly dependent on road transport for internal movement of both people and goods, there are no two ways about the need for enhanced road safety, especially that the country is seeing a steady increase in the number of motor vehicles on its few and limited roads.

Now that Higer Bus Zambia Limited has taken a lead in promoting road safety, other players in the transport industry, especially transporters, should also come up with a variety of initiatives that would safeguard lives and property from unnecessary loss.