Higer Initiates Intelligent School Buses


On February 15th, 2012 First China International School Bus Development Forum and Exhibition was held in China National Convention Center, in which over 20 enterprises showed their school buses.


Higer School Buses

As mainstream school bus manufacturer, Higer showed KLQ6606X, KLQ6706X and KLQ6756X which were all new-designed long-nose school buses.


Higer KLQ6756 School Bus

In addition to splendid appearance, the three buses, equipped with G-BOS to monitor running conditions of buses, location and behaviors of drivers, were excellent in safety.

Birdcage-shaped body construction may protect the students from external impact and flat flooring may prevent students from falling down or spraining. Special school bus seats are safe and comfortable. All in all, safety and intelligence make Higer school buses your best option.