Protect your privacy is very important. We will try to keep your personal information confidential. Ensure that you understand and know, "Higer Bus Co., Ltd, enables us to provide you with the best service. Please read the following terms costs a little time to learn how we handle your personal information.


We collect personal information content
Why do we collect your personal information
How we collect your personal information
How do we use your personal information
How do we protect your personal information
How do you monitor the use of personal information

1, we collect personal information on the contents of the
Typically, you can access the Internet without telling us HIGER BUS who you are and without giving any personal information about you. However, we or our partners may need information from you. You can choose to provide us with a variety of situations to provide personal information. For example: You can choose to provide us with your name, phone number or e-mail, etc., may provide the content, so that we can contact you, provide on-site service and so on. You can also give us a description of your education and work experience to become our partners to participate in HIGER BUS. To collect information from you, we want to let you know how we will use the information, and to collect and use the information to obtain your permission. If you provide us information about others (such as a spouse or work colleague) personal information, we will assume that you have their permission.

2, why we collect your personal information
HIGER BUS collects and uses your personal information to give you the best customer service, so you can enjoy our most convenient services, and is willing to accept to give us your valuable comments suggestions. Allows us to serve you much wider.

3, how do we collect your personal information
On the website we will only get from a customer message on your personal information.
Note that we do not permit the guardian, the knowledge and the absence of circumstances, not to children or other acts of self-ability of people to seek personal information, and will not send them requests for personal information requests.

4, how we use your personal information
You provide us with personal information in your permission for the following purposes:
1, for we use to meet your request
2, keep in touch with you to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market research or with certain transactions.
3, for us or organizations for marketing purposes.
4, for the number of customers and other anonymous statistical data analysis.
5, to help develop our business relationship if you are our partners or business partners.

5, how do we protect your personal information
When we collect information from you when you are clear and comprehensive introduction to the use of such information in the future, you can provide us with personal wishes we want to collect all or part of the information, but we hope you have the right to tell a Some information for which use or not use certain information for which we will respect your wishes.We will to protect your company in kind, electronics and other information provided to us data security and quality.
Note that some countries, regions or organizations may not be enacted strict laws and regulations to protect your information. In these areas or within the organization, HIGER BUS will continue in accordance with the terms described in this way to process your information.
Note that want you to know, in some cases, the law requires disclosure of information, in accordance with judicial or other government subpoena, search warrant or an order, you may need to disclose personal information.
6, how do you monitor the use of personal information
In general, we collect your personal information will use your information to you to seek a license. If you have a request, we can also give you time to seek permission before using. You can also newspapers, Internet and other ways to take the initiative to understand your use of this information. If found to be without your authorization to use your personal information, you can telephone or network contact us, the common root of the problem on this investigation, to take protective measures to ensure the security of your personal privacy.