Key Word:Higer Bus G-BOS intelligence
In the afternoon of 30 December 2010, Higer G-BOS "Intelligence Operation Lecture" was held in Beijing after the successful operation in Hangzhou, Jinan, Dongguan and Qingdao. The experts, representatives from passenger transport companies and journalists attended it to exchange opinions of the G-BOS system.

Higer G-BOS "Intelligence Operation Lecture"in Beijing

Application on almost 5000 Buses

Based on observation of the management experience of some European passenger transport companies and full research of the actual need of the domestic transportation corporations, Higer G-BOS system is launched to offer "All-life-circle Management"service to the customers.

Through three years' research and development, Higer Bus makes G-BOS (G represents 3G:GPS、GIS、GPRS and BOS is "bus operation system" for short) capable of online monitor, analytical math model of driver' s behavior, GPS management, 3G video transmission, recorder and visual reversing. This system not only enhances the integrity and the systematicness of buses, but also greatly reduces operation cost. It is known that two of the functions of G-BOS: analysis of driver’s behavior and stitching matching are the creative in China and the advanced one in the world. The various management means, information tools and follow-up service of the system offer comprehensive solutions for bus operators for operation management and are of far reaching importance. It is known that since launching in July 2010, G-BOS systems have been applied on almost 5000 buses and coaches in China.

G-BOS Accelerates Transportation Management towards Intelligence Era

At the lecture, Manager Wu Aijun from Bafangda Transport Company said that, "We have arranged G-BOS systems in 180 buses. Through the operation data analysis from G-BOS as well as training, our drivers' ill-formed driving behaviors obviously improved and the fuel consumption reduced. For example, the fuel consumption of three buses with technical improvement is 2.33L per hundred kilometers and it can save about 3912.3 Yuan RMB each month if one bus drives 300km each day and the unit diesel fuel price is 6.3 Yuan. In addition, the fuel consumption can be decreased through stitching matching technology."

Zhang Guozhi, the General Manager of Beijing Jiulong Xianghe Transport Company mentioned that G-BOS systems were outstanding in saving time and operation cost through monitoring of maintenance of vehicles. It is believed by many customers that G-BOS is a great breakthrough in bus technology and a revolutionary change for operation management and got great approvals.