On 11th November, the coming moment of 2008 China Vehicle Parts Expo opening ceremony, HIGER bus‘s safety lecture is going to close in Beijing .During this lecture, as the first one HIGER called for “the Broad Safety Concept” in China bus industry, which appealed to the concern of bus industry and media.

During the past 6 months, over 1000 managers from transport companies in 31 provinces/cities participated in the 2008 HIGER Safety Lecture. Everyone was the teacher in the lecture and they shared their experience and lesions. “Focus on Safety”, the philosophy of Higer Bus, was enhanced and further improved in the lectures

The concept of “five requirements in one system” is the core value of the Broad Safety Concept.

Five kinds of human safety requirements, are the carrier of “Broad Safety Concept”.

The 2008 HIGER safety lecture was conducted in two ways .Firstly, HIGER took this activity as a safety discussion, and publicized the Broad Safety Concept in the bus industry with medium resource and other channels; In the meantime, Higer held bus shows in different cities to echo safety discussion. Through these two ways, Higer shared his experience and expressed the opinion aiming at decision makers, drivers, passengers, manufacturers and people who spread safety value, to publicize in a broad range and enhance the atmosphere of concerning about safety in bus industry and nationwide.    

Since May 30, HIGER has hold 11 lectures in Guiyang, Maoming, Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. By inviting professional lecturers from Zhongde Anjia driving training institute (the provider of 2008 Beijing Olympic safety driving training service), making special books aiming at passenger transportation, spreading safety knowledge, analyzed typical cases, and having discussions with Chairman, General Manager, safety chief, driver representatives from different tourism and transportation companies, Higer started the prologue to concerning about safety in bus industry.  In the middle of September HIGER started the lecture again in Shanghai, which caused sensation in domestic bus industry.
   “Now more and more bus manufacturers pay attention to safety when advertising. However, most of the discussions still stagnated at the level of product safety.  HIGER Safety Lecture is not a simple product promotion convention with subject of safety. Focusing on safety requirements of five kinds of people, Higer is trying to create the atmosphere of concerning about safety in the whole bus industry  and even the society, which is a Broad Safety Concept” , said the representative of Higer Bus when he introduce the safety lecture, “Furthermore, this is an open interaction platform. It is not the preach of two or three people, it is a safety forum and everyone discusses safety here”.  To retrieve and rebuild the safety awareness in bus industry, is the focus point of Broad Safety Concept.  

Safety can be calculated and affect the financial balance sheet. Broad Safety Concept will bring economy benefit.
Tracing advanced technology in international bus market, is the substance foundation of Broad Safety Concept.
    oresight. The establishment and growth process of Higer brand, will be a bright trip full of hope. With the establishment of Broad Safety Concept in more and more transportation companies and bus manufacturers with strong society responsibility, we are destined to open an new transportation era!