Key Word:Higer bus G-BOS operation informatization
On 28 December 2010, Higer G-BOS "Intelligence Operation Lecture"started in Qingdao and the representatives from the passenger transportation companies were invited to attend it, sharing the operation management experience.

As one new information management tool with various new technologies, Higer G-BOS intelligence operation system attracted abroad attention in the China bus industry, which possesses five functions: safe driving management, fuel consumption management, maintenance management, remote obstacles management and stitching matching management. 

ng, the Project Manager of Higer G-BOS shows the functions of G-BOS for the customer

As the class-one national passenger transportation corporation, Yantai Transport Group is seeking the new operation management mode. Wu Guofang, the minister of Maintenance Dept of Yantai Transport Group showed that they once used some informatization management tool and the effect of the single function was not good. However, G-BOS system enabled them to know the exact conditions of the vehicles such as fuel consumption as well as the drivers’ operation behaviors, in particular, non-standard driving behaviors.

Higer G-BOS "Intelligence Operation Lecture" in Qingdao

In the lecture, Jiang Ronghui, the General Manager of Longkou Public Transport Company introduced that, they applied G-BOS on one tourist coach and made proper adjustments according to the data record: the main reduction ratio is changed from 3.909 to 3.545. Therefore, the fuel consumption was reduced from 28.89 liters to 25.43 liters for per hundred kilometers. In fact, there many such cases that the fuel consumption is reduced to a big degree through Higer G-BOS.