Key Word:Higer Bus G-BOS intelligence
On 14 December 2010, Higer Bus "Intelligence Operation Lecture" activity was held in Jinan, Shandong Province as the schedule. Niu Bing, the deputy chief of Shandong Province Road Transport Management Bureau, Huang Shuping, the deputy general manager of Higer Bus and related representatives from over 60 transport companies and customer corporations.

The scene of "Intelligence Operation Lecture"

Since launching in Shenzhen on 28 July, Higer G-BOS intelligence operation systems have been applied in all the provinces apart from Taiwan in China (more than 4000 units) and attract strong attention from the bus operators, G representing 3G(GPS、GIS、GPRS) and BOS meaning bus operation system.

Deputy Manager Huang from Higer Bus makes address

Corporate Citizenship Responsibility

Deputy Chief Niu pointed out that it was a trend to eliminate trouble of the operators through scientific and technical means. In the background of intellectualization, Higer Bus took advantage of the opportunity, showed the responsibility of corporate citizenship and developed Higer G-BOS system in the prospective of industry development and customers. He said that, "We will greatly support Higer Bus for its solution for the safe management, energy-saving and scheduling of our transport companies. Also we expect the further development of Higer Bus in the intelligence operation system and supply better products to us for our supervision management."

Deputy Chief Niu makes speech

Intelligence Leads Future; Innovation Accelerates Development

For a long time, Higer Bus highly focuses on the safety of buses and successfully developed the first G-BOS intelligence operation system in China through three years' research and development. Intelligence bus becomes a trend in the industry and Higer Bus holds the nationwide activity "Intelligence Operation Lecture" to conform to the trend and the requests. Mr. Huang said that "Based on the customers' demand, Higer Bus completely upgrades the safety concept and issues G-BOS system in terms of the fast development of electronization, informatization and intellectualization in the bus industry, especially for fierce competition, energy-saving trend and soaring fuel price."

G-BOS Popular with the Transport Companies

It is known that there have been 318 buses with Higer G-BOS systems in 38 transport companies in Shandong province such as Shandong Jining Transport Group and the customers highly spoke of this system. Wang Zhitao, the Deputy General Manager of Jinan Lvshun Transport Company said, "We confront two problems for a long time: firstly, safety management (how to effectively make sure the drivers' obeying the regulations and standard) and secondly, vehicle management (how to help the drivers to cultivate good driving habits based on the actual condition). Higer G-BOS system is really a good solution for us."

Also, Du Jiayong, the head of Auto Industry Department of Shangdong Taian Transport Company mentioned that "Higer G-BOS makes our management more precious and technical detail analysis more specific, greatly enhancing our efficiency and operation data management."