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On 30 November, "Intelligence Operation Lecture"hosted by Higer Bus has started in Hangzhou. Since launching in Shenzhen at the end of July, G-BOS have been equipped with more than 3000 operated buses in nationwide 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and got high approvals, G representing 3G(GPS、GIS、GPRS) and BOS meaning bus operation system.

Li An, the engineer of Higer G-BOS introduces the system

Progressive Safety Upgrading

For a long time, Higer Bus highly focuses on the safety of buses. It is introduced that Higer Bus integrated the various technologies of CAN bus, auto electronic, information technology and successfully developed Higer G-BOS intelligence operation system, gaining over 20 technical patents and being awarded as "China Bus Innovative Prize" through three years' research.

Most of our high-class buses are equipped with recorder, GPS and fuel metering installation metering installation. Such devices are not convenient for usage and the related function is single. Based on the profound understanding of transport management and rich experience in application technology development, Higer Bus makes G-BOS capable of online monitor, analytical math model of driver' s behavior, GPS management, 3G video transmission, recorder and visual reversing. This system not only enhances the integrity and the systematicness of buses, but also greatly reduces operation cost. It is known that two of the functions of G-BOS: analysis of driver' s behavior and stitching matching are the creative in China and the advanced one in the world. The various management means, information tools and follow-up service of the system offer comprehensive solutions for bus operators for operation management and are of far reaching importance.

It is believed by many customers that G-BOS is a great breakthrough in bus technology and a revolutionary change for operation management and got great approvals such as Suzhou Auto Transport Group and Shenzhen Bus Group.

Higer intelligence bus

Overwhelming Intellectualization Trend

On the lecture, some cases of customers for the application of G-BOS attract the attenders'  attention. Wang Weiqing, the Chairman and the General Manager of Zhejiang Waishi Tourist Auto Company showed that their company started cooperation with Higer Bus since this June and three G-BOS systems were installed for fitting. Through a half year's operation, he found the powerful functions of this system in the respects of real-time monitoring, data record and statistic data of driver’s behavior. While the conventional GPS only showed the position rather than exact condition of vehicle. 

Kong Yiping from Hangzhou Xinchen Transport Company expressed that the detailed operation data offering by G-BOS made sure the efficient and concise data collection. The specific driver's behavior sheet standardized the drivers'  behavior, enhanced safety and reduced fuel consumption.

On 17 November, the transport company made guidance for its four drivers according to the related data from G-BOS, mainly for shifting behavior. On 19 November, there is obvious change of the related data. The fuel consumption for one hundred kilometers for four buses reduce  10%,7.6%,4.5% and 9.5% respectively and it can save almost 20,000 Yuan per year just for shuttle bus.