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Four years ago, China buses highlighted the Asian Games when 500 Higer buses drove to Doha for the 15th Asian Games with good service. Higer staff showed special affection on the Asian Games since the world is open for Higer Bus since Doha Asian Games and the overseas market maintenance breaks ten thousand units today.

Higer buses for Guangzhou Asian Games

According to Ding Hui, the chief coordinator of Higer Bus on the scene that there are 300 Higer buses for the transport service for the opening ceremony of the Asian Game on 12 Nov, which mark "five rams", "Holy-Fire" and "guangzhou2010" on the appearance. Also, the organizing committee arranged over 20 Higer buses around Pearl River New City ready for service in order to facilitate participates' tranport.

On 12 November, 3 new Higer 6125 buses and other Higer buses were used for the foreign diplomats from Indonesian, Nepal and other countries. They expressed appreciation of the buses and took photos on the buses together.

On 13 November 2010, the student volunteers expressed their favor on Higer buses and impressed by luxury interior decoration and equipments such as LED and TV showing the information about the Asian Games and comfortable riding, "Just like a mobile lounge " one volunteer said.

Ding Hui expressed that the good operation of Higer buses at the opening ceremony was just a beginning and Higer service team would mark sure the safe and zero-defection operation of the buses during the Asian Games based on the requirements of the committee. He assisted the service staff to check the vehicles to confirm safe, punctual and fast service after the transport companies completed the task each day.