On 15 July 2010, Hunan Airport Industry Company entrusted Hunan Province Tender Company to publish tender notice "Buses Purchasing and Service Project of Hunan Airport Industry Company" and many bus builders actively participated into it. Higer Bus purchased the tender documents at the first time and carefully analysized the actual condition, market demand and specially introduced the model, in particular, the unique "5A Safe Driving System".

Higer Bus for Changsha Huanghua International Airport

On 27 July, Higer Bus has decided to formally launch G-BOS intelligence operation system. The leaders of Hunan Airport Industry Company showed great interest in it but were still not quite sure. Higer Bus dispatched Li An, the technical instructor of G-BOS system to make related introduction and presentation based on the actual operation data in Changsha.

 One administrator said that this kind of management system made the fuel-consumption management easy and practical. Moreover, the current safe management focused on video monitor while G-BOS realized the real time management for vehicles and drivers' behavior. On 16 August, Hunan Province Tender Company formally announced that Higer Bus won the purchasing tender of Hunan Airport Industry Company. It is known that all bidding evaluation staff highly spoke of G-BOS system.