On 21 September, 10 Higer new energy buses were formally applied in Suzhou, which marks the great breakthrough of the development of the new energy bus industry in Suzhou the level of technology as well as manufacturing for Higer Bus has reached the top in the industry.

Over 30 Tons Carbon Dioxide Emission Reducing per Year

The models are equipped with HIGER-10 controller with independent intellectual property, hybrid power system, fuel-saving ratio of over 20%, emission reducing (carbon dioxide: 243 tons; nitrogen oxides: about 40%; particles and soot: about 30%) and have be applied in this January with good operation effect. On the launching ceremony, Higer also takes 12-meter low floor electric city buses to be used in Hi-tech Zone in Suzhou. 

Hybrid Power City Buses: Fuel-saving and Emission-reducing

The Higer fuel-electric hybrid power buses are provided with electric power system (motor plus battery) which is capable of storing or releasing power when necessary. It is predicted that the emission of this hybrid power models can save more than 60% than that of conventional buses.  

Higer New Energy Buses Lead the China Bus Industry

It is introduced that Higer has issued 8 new energy models (hybrid power city bus: 5 models; electric bus: 2 models; fuel cell bus: 1 model) and the development and business promotion of new energy products of Higer Bus ranks top in the industry. In 1999, it produced 12 electric medium electric coaches with Tsinghua University; hybrid power buses with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2002; the first hydrogen fuel cell city bus in 2006; it developed the third generation of hydrogen fuel cell city buses and this August, it developed the forth generation of fuel cell buses and exported the first new energy vehicles in China for Youth Olympics Games in Singapore.

Higer Bus Accelerates New Energy Buses

It is introduced that the technology of electric, hybrid power and cell fuel buses is mature for new energy buses. Higer Bus team owns the science and development capability from technology to industrialization. Higer Bus is accelerating the technology upgrading for products and strives for the promotion of electric and hybrid power buses in the cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nantong, Macao and Singapore. By 2015, it will form the production capacity of 5000 new energy buses per year and the related industry chain and make one of the major China new energy automobile industry base.