On 3 April 2010, the World Expo caravan consisting of 4 Higer buses with colorful tour pattern successfully arrived at Beijing Olympic Sports Center and the publicity campaign lasting 18 days ended.

It is known that World Expo caravan left Shanghai on 18 March via Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Hebei and Tianjin with the route of 5500 kilometers and it held 16 promotion activities in total. This is the first time for the close encounter between China bus and World Expo. Higer buses show the elegant demeanour of China buses with excellent performance as well as nice appearance.

It is understood that the market maintenance of this type of Higer buses has exceeded 40,000 units as the classic China coach. These 4 Higer buses in one row accepted the citizens' inspection. Also there was one attractive high-class coach serving for distinguished guests, which was produced by Sweden and Higer. 


During Shanghai World Expo, there will be more than 600 Higer buses working for World Expo center area. Higer Bus is the bus builder with the most serving vehicles and responsible for related public transport, partial route arrangements and supporting guarantee.


In order to provide good service, Higer Bus has started to plan, organize and prepare relevant items before this new year and set up special team named "Higer Bus Service Command Center for Shanghai World Expo" for quick-response and service quality. In addition, since 9 March, Higer Bus carried on maintenance personnel's training at 17 service stations and 3 groups in Shanghai. In the meanwhile, it undertook safety checking for vehicles serving World Expo for free to make sure good operation condition.