Recently, 156 Higer buses from China showed at the JLKN in Wangsa Maju,Kuala Lumpur. Doctor  Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the defense minister of Malaysia started the delivery ceremony for 2009 National Kuala Lumpur Plan (PLKN), which was attracted and reported by the local media such as Sinchew Daily, Le Monde and TV3.

It is known that these KLQ6119 tourist buses are equipped with the GPS and bus safety management system according to the requirements of Malaysia. Such procurement is the first time for the of the government training center.

 All the citizens aged over 18 have to join The PLKN since 2004. This plan aims at that the patriotic spirit, good character, team spirit and the sense of citizenship can be cultivated through the basic military training. The vehicles are mainly used for the relevant transport service with the longest miles of thousands of kilometers for the single bus. It highly demands the quality certification and related facilities.

This time, Higer Bus specially improved the design of the layout of the apparatus, operation system, the intensity of rollover, escape equipments, framework preservation and bodywork sealing based on the mature KLQ6119 buses in terms of the local high temperature, rainy weather and driving habits. Finally, Higer Bus won the approval of the customers in Malaysia with the outstanding performance.

Higer buses attended the transport service of the PLKN, which meant a lot to enhance the overall facility level of the local transport, enlarge the influence of Higer brand in the Southeast Asia as well as improve the image of the Chinese buses.