Recently, Higer buses were displayed in the 7th international transportation and city service exhibition. As the only bus made in China on this expo, Higer KLQ6129QE3 bus was attractive with much attention. The presented products refer to bus, car, truck, engineering machine and auto accessory. The Chinese products and old European counterpart matched each other.


(Iranian official of Ministry of Communications on the Higer Bus booth.)

Affected by the financial crisis and the sales and loan limitations of the Iranian government, the number of the Iranian auto manufacturers attending this expo shinked. Higer Bus brought out B92,KLQ6608 medium bus, KLQ6129QE3 intercity coach with a Higer Bus agent company in Iran.

It is known that Higer coaches own the nice appearance, high cost performance and advantageous design in details compared with the mature Iranian bus products. On the exhibition, one buyer showed that aisle light as well as special electric rear vision mirrors were also appealing to them. One Iranian customer expressed that Higer buses had beautiful appearance and interior decoration besides the excellent quality.

 It is introduced by the after-sales manager of the Iranian agent of Higer Bus that Higer coaches have obtained the complete confirmation of the Iranian customers and attracted more and more potential clients with broad and bright market prospect.

It is understood that the successful operation of Higer buses on Iranian market has won the favor of the Iranian people familiar with European models and set up good brand image. Higer Bus holds the strategy of the healthy and steady development and cautiously promotes the proper models in the local market. It gains the customers with the outstanding quality, service and accessory supply.

Although influenced by the political and economic condition, there were still many visitors to join the relevant activities of this exhibition. Higer buses have become the leading brand of the Chinese commercial vehicles in Iran and this exhibition enlarged the impact of "Made in China" in Iran, and even the Middle East region.