Recently, the BRT No.2 line covering 22km was formally used in Suzhou. Twenty 12-meter Suzhou Kinglong Higer high class buses with AC ran out of the origin station and terminal in Suzhou Dushuhu Higher Education Town with blue appearance and well-rounded roof interior. The single new bus costs about 117,096.00 USD while the bus purchased before is around 73,185.00 USD. They are currently regarded as the highest class public transport buses in Suzhou with automated transmission and air suspension.


Experience: New Higer Bus---Fast, reliable and with human-centered details

 The journalist's real experience of taking Higer bus as followed:

 Before getting on the bus, the attention was attracted by the low step of the front door. The staff introduced that "The new low step is more convenient for the boarding and alighting of the aged passengers than the two-level high step before." It complied with the practical requirement of the large passenger capacity of city bus with the spacious interior, 40 seats and 55 stances. The red rails and blue chairs were very beautiful and tidy. The two broad recesses next to the door for luggage were very special and showed the human-centered details. The concept of Higer's manufacturing with heart just was displayed in the specific details.

"The automatic transmission makes the driving easy, fast and steady,"reflected by one driver. The average operation speed is faster 1.5 times than that of the ordinary buses with the obviously improved punctuality as well as the schedule reliability. The comfort of these 12-meter EuroⅢ AC buses is also enhanced.