From April 8 to 11, the 11th Busworld Asia was held in Shanghai, domestic mainstream bus-builder Higer Bus joined hands with European Sweden SCANIA to attend the exhibition and launched such seven series new buses as Higer KLQ6147S deluxe double-deck bus, and Higer KLQ6140GQ ultra large city bus etc. It is the joint exhibition of Sino-European commercial vehicle manufacturers after 2008, showing the firm confidence of domestic and oversea commercial vehicle manufacturers to tackle the impact of financial crisis and their powerful technology R&D strength.

Four highlights of Higer deluxe double-deck bus leading brand-new value experience


“Rich and powerful” family lineage. Higer KLQ6147S deluxe double-deck bus, the highest level double-deck bus in this exhibition and awarded BAAV 2009 Best Deluxe Bus Award, is Higer’s large capacity bus with five-star safety. It adopts SCANIA bus chassis and was jointly researched and developed by Higer Bus Company Limited and Sweden SCANIA. The vehicle model inherits the Sweden SCANIA lineage with graceful and smooth lines, which presents elegant feeling and the highest level of design and manufacture of Higer Bus. The launch of this bus provides a bus operation mode with higher cost performance for passenger transportation enterprises by creating higher profits and becomes the most popular model in this exhibition.


Leading technology. Higer KLQ6147S is a smarter and more advanced bus, whose many intelligent technologies represent the latest technological achievements in the world. Among them, the perfect match between intelligent transmission system and clutch system with overload sliding and abrasion protection function guarantees the stable operation of engine within economical and reasonable rotating speed range, and can prevent the engine damage caused by faulty operation to ensure reliable operation of the engine. In addition, various braking and auxiliary braking systems can realize optimal match with computer coordination, play maximum braking efficiency and effectively improve the active security of the vehicle.

Comfortable and fuel efficiency. In order to improve the driving stability and comfort of the vehicle, the vehicle has realized the best match between each system through CAN bus, e.g. the four electrical modules--engine, gearbox, ABS and exhaust braking control unit realize the best match of chassis power performance through the CAN bus J1939 communication protocol, which can effectively alleviate the vehicle “dash and stop” during the mechanical changeover and improve driving comfort and fuel economy.

Safe and reliable. The vehicle adopts Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which can control not only the driving wheels and but also the driven gears, therefore improving the driving safety of the vehicle. For example, when the rear wheel drive often causes over steer, the rear wheel will lose control and swerve, and ESP will slowly brake the outside front wheel to stabilize the vehicle; when under steer, in order to calibrate tracking direction, ESP will slowly brake the inside rear wheel, thus correct the driving direction and protect driving safety of the vehicle.

Higer KLQ6140GQ becomes new option for city bus upgrade

Higer KLQ6140GQ 13.7m ultra large city bus was awarded BAAV 2009 Best Intercity Bus Award for its debut at the exhibition. It offers brand-new connotation for the diversity and serration prospective of China’s new generation city bus. Compared with the biaxial 12m city bus, this three axis Higer city bus adopts the limit design of the third back shaft, namely, the follow-up steering axle design, layout and the vehicle suspension system design and matching technology have reached the leading level in the industry and the comfort of vehicle has been significantly improved, which marks the new breakthrough of Chinese bus-builders’ R&D level in large city bus.

This vehicle is developed by Higer Bus Company Limited based on molding of four generations with such features as “high-end”, “safe” and “large capacity”, and is suitable for passenger transportation in densely populated cities or suburban areas. The insider experts hold that either compared with traditional 12m city bus or 18m BRT bus, Higer 13.7m city bus has unique advantages with very broad market prospective.


At this exhibition, Higer Bus also launched KLQ6129GQ1 suburban bus to meet the operation conditions for both urban and suburban passenger transportation, KLQ6125A fully integral new deluxe bus and KLQ6125Q new deluxe tourism bus.

The SCANIA Higer A50 and A30 exhibited at SCANIA booth are jointly developed by Higer Bus and SCANIA and especially focus on overseas market. It is known that, at present, the sale of SCANIA Higer high-end bus has exceeded 100 units in the global market.

Under the impact of the financial crisis, the customers now pay more attention to the value of the product itself. They become shrewd “treasure seekers” and want to spend money where it is most needed. In accordance with the change of bus purchasing behavior, Higer Bus has adapted to the market change and told our clients a new story about “Realize bus operation value” with new products and become the most popular exhibitor at the exhibition.