Higer Guarantees Safety with Products and Concepts


 Safe trip is the priority for passengers; safety guarantees the benefits of transport companies; safe buses are the magic instruments for manufacturers to win the market. Performance means nothing to a bus without safety.



As the pioneer of bus safety, Higer started its intention to produce the safest bus in China from 1998. Higer's safety concepts from 2003 to 2012 reveal the focus on transport safety.

In Higer's workshops, we can see all kinds of safety slogans and devices, warning the workers that "safety is priority". Higer engineer said the company would never accept flawed products.

To make safe and comfortable buses, Higer invested to establish new high-speed bus research center, post-doctoral workstation, provincial-level technology center and inspection center, etc.



From active to passive safety, each Higer bus is equipped with electric eddy retarder, driving recorder, ECAS system, ZF steering engine, disc brake, ABS and ASR, etc based on monocoque body. In principle of TS16949, Higer passes 3C certificate.

Besides, Higer "Safety Class", attracting the attention of transport companies, was held for safety training. As bus manufacturer, Higer focuses on both buses and safety consciousness. Higer buses would provide the best safety service to transportation.