Higer Replaces Sleeper Bus with Adjustable Coach


As the government stops the approval of sleeper buses, the sleeper buses will withdraw from the transport market. Higer took the opportunity to launch its luxury VIP adjustable coach KLQ6142BAE4L for the segment market.



Test driving started from Beijing to Hebei Xinglong in the morning. Thanks to the good acoustic insulation and shock absorption, you can barely feel the vibration of the engine when driving on the highway.

Luxury aero seats with large angle of inclination are used inside the bus and in front of each seat is equipped with the feet bracket. During the 200km trip, it's comfortable to be in the seat. With 2+1 layout, there are 39+1 seats inside the bus, even one more seat than regular sleeper bus.



Higer KLQ6142BAE4L is optimized in safety and energy-saving. With the intelligent safety system, the bus is unable to move with the door open, vice versa. Automatic warning system would alert the driver if baggage cabin door is unlocked to secure the travel. Engine heat management system can ensure the optimum temperature of the engine, and at the same time avoid the waste of power consumption.



Advanced concept, perfect details and the design meeting the market requirement make the Higer KLQ6142BAE4L, which would surely highlight the segment market of sleeper bus.