Higer School Buses Safeguard the Students

What makes a real school bus? How should it protect the students? Questions like these haunt the teachers and students. The new-generation Higer school buses equipped with G-BOS will safeguard the students.

Students inside the Higer school bus are not able to open the windows at will and are easier to set their feet on the ground thanks to the higher windows and lower seats.

In the new regulations, school buses are allowed to be equipped with side emergence exit or rear emergency exit, and Higer chooses the latter one through which is much easier to escape. 

When facing emergency, the diver or teacher is able to smash the window glass within 0.1 second via control-by-wire or remote-control and the students could push the window to escape.

It's said the new Higer school bus is equipped with G-BOS which can monitor over-speed, neutral gear glide, engine over-speed, ABS working frequency and fatigue driving, etc and grade the drivers, who will be disqualified under 85 points.