On Jan 16th´╝îHiger Bus got the qualification of CQC registration without any non-conformity item. As the first Bus manufacturer which has passed the certification of the Environment Management System (EMS) in Chinese Bus Industry, Higer Bus got the ISO14001:2004 Certificate.

    According to the GB/T24001:2004, relative rules and laws and the Environment Managements System documents of Higer Bus, the experts took a particular examination on the bus design, relative management and the consistency & suitability & the continuing validity of operation in this process. The experts point out: the EMS of Higer is comprehensive planned, normative operated, strictly executed, the EMS policy and target reflects the production feature, scale and the management requirements, the EMS handbook and the documents are appropriate, reasonable. The relevant control procedures which are comprehensive are in compliance with the certification standard and regulatory requirements. The combination of the manual and Documents and other management systems are the leading nationwide.

    ISO14000 Environmental Management System which emphasizes pollution prevention and continuous improvement provides company the ways to reduce and eliminate the environmental pollution in the production process. The use of ISO14000 EMS has a great significance in improving the environmental awareness of managers and employees, reducing legal disputes and environmental complaints, saving energy, reducing sewage charges, avoiding environmental accidents and environmental penalties.