Higer hybrid Buses Win the Rewards in 3rd New Energy Bus Contest

On July 15 to July 19, 2012, the 3rd New Energy Bus Contest hosted by CUPTA was successfully held in Hangzhou. There were 19 major bus builders. Higer Bus also brought its oil-electric and gas-electric hybrid  buses to the contest. With the good performance, two types of Higer hybrid buses all won the awards in the contest.

The Higer KLQ6109GCHEV1A gas-electric hybrid bus won the award of" Technology Innovation". Its safety, maneuverability, maintenance convenience, energy conservation and environmental protection and so on each index all reach industry leading level. Besides, in this bus model, many of the new energy technology achievements from Higer Bus' several years' efforts have been integrated in it.


Higer  hybrid bus

Higer KLQ6119GHEV2 oil-electric hybrid bus won the award of "Best Bus Models" in the contest. It is estimated that Higer oil-electric hybrid buses could save by more than 20 percent oil consumption. For one Higer oil-electric hybrid bus, during its long time operation, it could reduce by 243 tons of the carbon dioxide emissions, 40 percent of nitrous oxides emissions and 30 percent of PM emissions. It is in the industry leading level in its energy saving and emission reduction.

Now, Higer hybrid buses have already running in many cities in China, such as Suzhou, Kunming, Haikou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Macau, Singapore etc. buses lines