Having gone through ten springs and autumns, Higer Bus Company Limited. Greeted its 10th birthday on Jan 18th 2009. The investor representatives from Xiamen King-Long Motor Group Co., Ltd. And Suzhou Chuangyuan Investment Group Co., Ltd., the representatives from Sweden SCANIA―the strategic partner of Higer Bus. And the 2,600 work staffs gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Higer Bus. Mr. Sun Jianhua―the Board Chairman, Mr. Dong Bo―the Vice Board Chairman, Mr. Wu Wenwen―the General Manager, Mr. Melker Jernberg--the Vice President of SCANIA and Mr. Mats Harborn―the General Manager of SCANIA Sales (China) presented the celebration. 

For ten years, Higer Bus Company Limited. Kept exploring and developing painstakingly. It grew up from a small company and created numerous new production and sales records one after another, with the annual sales volume increased from 1,546 to 16,454 and annual sales income broke RMB 5 billion yuan from RMB 240 million yuan. In addition, it has built up a modern bus manufacturing base covering 500,000 m2. Now Higer buses are running across 55 countries and regions. The company overwhelmingly rose with 51% annual increase and explored a path to sustainable development, by which it wrote the legend of China’s bus industry.


(Mr. Wu Wenwen―the General Manager)

At 14:30 p.m. on January 18th, the 10th anniversary celebration of Higer Bus Company Limited. Higer Bus was opened in the company of inspiring music. Mr. Wu Wenwen, the General Manager first gave his speech, in which he reviewed the ten years of development of Suzhou Higer Bus Company Limited. And extended his gratitude to the local government, the shareholders, and people from all circles, the work staffs and their families who have been concerning and supporting the development of the company. 
 When looking forward to the future, Mr. Wu said, there will be more challenges and more opportunities in the following ten years. Suzhou Higer Bus Company Limited. Will still advocate hard work, innovation and quality products. Meanwhile, it will actively keep the management in line with international practice, join in international competition and strive for outstanding performance on international market to leave a splendid chapter on the history of Higer Bus. 
   The poem recital of Celebration of Higer reflected the ten years of development of Higer Bus Company Limited. And eulogized its outstanding achievements. The three sentences and a half written and performed by the work staffs of Higer expressed their hardworking spirit and confidence to the future. 
  The music play Vigorous Higer showed the strong energy of Higer. The Higer Fashion Show combined the representative auto models into the performance, which was performed by work staffs of Higer and won the most praises. 

(Mr. Melker Jernberg--the Vice President of SCANIA )


Mr. Melker Jernberg―the Vice President of SCANIA said, SCANIA would extend their cooperation with Higer Bus Company Limited. To jointly create the future of SCANIA-Higer Bus. He also sang a north-European song with his team from Sweden, which elicited unanimous applauses. 
  The celebration was closed with the song―The Wholehearted Hero. A splendid future of the following ten years was already started. Higer Bus Company Limited. People have already strived for the new dream and new breakthrough with their belief, courage, wisdom and persistence.