Bus & Truck 2012: Higer buses win two rewards


 On May 16th, 2012, the third China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components ( Bus & Truck 2012 ) was held in China National Convention Center in Beijing. And the same night, the Opening Reception and Awarding Ceremony also was held in Beijing.Higer Bus won two rewards in the ceremony.


The visitors are in Higer booth

In this exhibition, Higer exhibited four bus products which were KLQ6106X and KLQ6756X school buses, KLQ6122BA and KLQ6142BAE4L. And in the ceremony, both the KLQ6142BAE4L coach and the Higer intelligent school bus KLQ6756 won the rewards, which were respectively "Best Coach Product" and Best School Bus Product".


Higer receives the rewards in the ceremony.

As we know, in China, the government has canceled the sleeper buses. So this time, Higer Bus brought its KLQ6142BAE4L bus which was a replaced bus product of the sleeper bus. It adjusts the seats, making the passengers comfortable during the long-distance trip.




For the two Higer intelligent school buses of KLQ6106X and KLQ6756X, they are designed to protect the passengers' safety in many aspects. The school buses are equipped with safety devices, such as the stop sign, the emergency door and the LDWS systems etc. to help to protect the driver & the students' safety.