Higer Buses Spotlight Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components



  From May 16th to May 18th, 2012 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components was held in National Conference Center, where Higer exhibited KLQ6106X and KLQ6756X school buses, KLQ6122BA and KLQ6142BAE4L, spotlighting the whole exhibition.


Opening Ceremony

As the new-generation H-series bus, KLQ6122BA is upgraded from hardware to software, especially the doors with automatic warning function and G-BOS intelligent operation system.


Higer H92

Two Higer intelligent school buses of KLQ6106X and KLQ6756X, besides G-BOS intelligent operation system, are equipped with five cameras. Meanwhile, Higer helps the school bus operation units with “school bus safety monitoring & management center”.


Higer School Bus

 After the government cancels the sleeper buses, Higer launches KLQ6142BAE4L bus which adjusts the seats, making the passengers comfortable during the long-distance trip.