SCANIA-Higer Motorhome Spotlights Auto China 2012

On April 23rd, Auto China 2012 was held in Beijing, in which SCANIA-Higer motorhome worthy of over RMB 10 million Yuan debuted, showing the "super-luxury" to visitors.

Different from other large vehicles outside, the 12-meter long motorhome was placed inside the hall. Printed a fire-breathing dragon in the black body, SCANIA-Higer motorhome attracted the most attention, comparable to the luxury limousines.


SCANIA-Higer Motorhome

It's said that this motorhome adopted the most advanced and safest monocoque structure. Front independent suspension, six air suspension and ELC system ensure the stability of the bus when driving. Besides, disc brake, SCANIA hydrodynamic retarder, ABS, EBS, TC (ASR) ensure the good handling and safety.


SCANIA-Higer Motorhome

Inside the motorhome reveals the true luxury. Imported Grammer driver seat with air-floating structure and electric heating function makes the driver comfortable. Behind the driving area is leisure area, in which Israel SATV system, Pioneer acoustic equipment are laid. There are leather sofa and wool carpet, etc as well.

After parking the bus, unfold flanked sunshade frames to enjoy the studio entertainment and barbecue. Eight sets of cameras cover every corner of the bus and high-tech water purification system may turn the river water into drinking water directly and outside shower system can offer cold/hot shower.


SCANIA-Higer Motorhome

Manufacturer of this super luxury motorhome is Higer, which is production base of SCANIA that offers the best chassis and technology. Currently, many models of SCANIA buses in European markets are made by Higer.