Higer Buses to Debut in Auto China 2012


2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will be held on April 25th, 2012. Higer will spotlight the exhibition with two long-nose school buses, one high-end motorhome and one high-quality coach.



In Auto China 2012, KLQ6756X and KLQ6106X long-nose school buses will definitely be the stars, especially KLQ6106X, as the representative of new-generation intelligent school buses, is equipped with signal lamp similar to American Bluebird School Buses.



Higer G-BOS system, with three main functions of safe driving management, GPS management and 3G video surveillance management, is also applied to its school buses.

KLQ6122BA tourist bus, as the representative of new H92 serial, is designed based on H-serial 6125. Through WINCHILL system, the bus is produced with the most seats and largest inner space among domestic similar ones.


Higer H-serial

KLQ5180XLJ Scania-Higer motorhome is co-produced by Higer and Swedish bus manufacturer Scania.Currently, Higer is able to produce over one thousand luxury buses and motorhomes, exported to Asian-Pacific region, Middle East and Europe, etc.


Higer Luxury Motorhome