The new generation of Hydrogen Fuel Cell City Bus jointly developed by Higer Bus and Tsing Hua University was launched in Suzhou on 29th December, 2008. It registered a new breakthrough in the key project of 11th 5-year plan under “863” program: saving and new energy automobiles-Hydrogen Fuel Cell City Bus program. It is the new generation of upgraded product followed by the Hydrogen Fuel Cell City Bus in early 2006.

The Low-floor City Bus of KLQ6129GQH2 fueled by Hydrogen equipped with 80Kw fuel cell engine can constantly run for more than 400 Km at the maximum speed of 85Km/h while its exhaust is zero for non-pollution. The product family has wide range to set the keynote of internationally prevailed square characteristic with little round cornered body and integrated head lamp. The driving section is designed according to passenger car for more convenient anipulation. It adopts rear wheel single tire, complete aluminum alloyed wheel rim and Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems in terms of chassis assembly to make a great strides in energy-saving with weight reduction and security aspects. In respect of vehicle integration, the main performance index (fuel economy) of this fuel cell city bus is much better than the international mainstream models, reaching the advanced level of industry

Mr.Zhang Zhihao,the executive director of Higer Bus, spoke at the launching ceremony that Higer Bus has been committed to the development of new energy bus all along in order to respond to the national independent innovation and promote energy-saving emission reduction call. It has become the main representative of new energy applications among the bus manufacturing enterprises in China. The company will enhance research and development of new energy bus and marketing efforts for the improvement of bus industrial application level of new energy, to ease China's energy supply and demand, improve the quality of the environment and make new contribution