Higer Secures an Order of 60 Long-nose School Buses from Qingdao


In Qingdao School Bus Public Bidding, Higer secured the order of 60 long-nose school buses, which was the largest order of Qingdao in 2012. It's reported that these Higer KLQ6756X school buses would be delivered in late April.


Higer School Bus

At present, Higer has developed overall series of 5m-10m school buses covering from 10 seats to 56 seats, in which KLQ6756X was the core product.

Higer applies many new technologies and equipments of its own to the school buses for safety improvement, for example, Higer school bus driver's door enables the driver to handle emergency situation at once.

Inside Higer school bus, flat flooring may prevent the students from colliding, falling over or spraining their feet. Softening seats are comfortable for the students and air purifier may improve air quality. Other new technologies, such as G-BOS, LDWS, make the school bus much safer.