Higer Launches the First School Bus Real-time Monitoring System

The other day, the 11th Guangzhou Educational Equipments Exhibition & 2nd Guangzhou New National Standards School Bus Exhibition was held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center, in which Higer exhibited KLQ6606X, KLQ6706X and KLQ6756X school buses. As an industry leader, Suzhou Higer is the first to apply advanced technologies to school buses.

The most advanced complete vehicle catholic electrophoresis technology may keep bus body from rusty for 10 years. All-metal front wall and back wall is much solider than FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). Higer equips its school bus with white flasher as Blue Bird does to warn the vehicle front and back.

Besides, Higer school bus is equipped with G-BOS system which has three functions: safe-driving management, GPS positioning management and 3G video monitoring management.