Chinese Ambassador to Costa Rica LI, Changhua Attends Higer Product Release Conference


On February 23rd, 2012, Chinese Ambassador LI, Changhua to Costa Rica, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Communications and dozens of entrepreneurs attended Higer product release conference in local Museum of Childhood, on invitation of marketing representative Mr. Falias. Higer KLQ6130G double-deck bus, KLQ6119 double-deck city bus and KLQ1020 pick-up were showed and Mr. Falias, Ambassador LI, Changhua and Vice Minister gave a speech respectively.


Higer Product Release Conference in Costa Rica

Mr. Falias became marketing representative of Higer from 2004 and sold over 200 buses within 8 years. He spoke highly of Higer's sophisticated and advanced technologies and he stressed that there were only 4 of the new-designed double-deck buses on exhibition in Costa Rica, used as city buses, which were well recognized after one-year test run. Mr. Falias planned to export these models to Costa Rica.


Higer Marketing Representative in Costa Rica

Later, all guests got on Higer double-deck bus and experienced its facilities. Many entrepreneurs were interested in purchasing this model.