Higer Flourishes in 2011


In 2011, Higer accelerated its technology innovation and upgrading to complete the development of 24 series of new products. There were 27 accepted potents including 6 inventive patents, and 22 issued patents including 1 inventive patent. Higer participated in formulating 7 national, local or industrial standards and its laboratory got CNAS certificate from China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.

In May 2011, Higer 200-million-Yuan Cathode Electrophoresis line was put into use and in November, the 10000th Higer Cathode Electrophoresis bus rolled off production line.

Higer deepened its cooperation with SCANIA for high-end commercial bus market. In 2011, Higer exported over 300 high-end buses, accounting for 90% of China exported high-end buses. In 2011, Higer sold 23388 buses worth RMB 8.55 billion Yuan, including 4372 buses exported.

In 2011, Higer started its "Higer Intelligence" activity led by Ministry of Transport, covering 1800 bus companies from 27 cities within 9 months, which 734 drivers attended. G-BOS is influencing and changing China buses industry.