In order to realize the strategy of becoming an international corporation and enlarge Higer’s share in the international bus market further, the overseas sales company (OSC) of Higer Bus Company (HBC) was founded on Nov 28th, 2008. OSC includes Administrative managing department, Marketing Management department and five marketing divisions separately looking after Europe, Middle East, Africa, America and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Wu Wenwen, General Manager of HBC, and Mr. Huang, Vice General Manager of HBC, made speech to over fifty attendees at the founding ceremony of OSC in Suzhou.

Under the spirit of “faster, higher, stronger” ,all the staff of OSC worked together and fulfilled the sales volume of 2900 buses valued 180 million from January to November in 2008. Compared to same period of 2007, the bus sales increased by 16% and 10% on sales volume and value separately. The foundation of OSC will guide HBC to the right orientation and expand a new and a bigger arena for HBC. We have full confidence that Higer will do better in 2009.