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Middle East Market: Exporting Amount over 210 million Yuan in 2010

Since market opening in 2006, it is a important overseas sales market in Middle Ease for Higer Bus and Higer Bus takes No.1 in this market as China bus builder, with the sale volume of 3500 buses, the revenue of over 210 million Yuan as of the end of 2010. Higer products mainly focus on intercity and tourist market, in particular, the tourist one in Syria. In the first quarter of this year, the exporting amount comes to 16 million USD.

Big Investment on Market Extending

Since this March, some regions suffer from a turbulent in Middle East and North Africa and Xiang Zhihong, overseas sales manager in Middle East region, still expressed confidence of the achievements in 2011. She mentioned that it was the good brand promotion, especially the demonstration effect due to 500 Higer buses serving Doha Asian Games in 2006, reliable products quality, the effort on market & products survey and strong service support that lead to the outstanding sales achievements in the market. At present, the resident Higer staffs and technicians are available to serve the clients in 5 to 6 counties in Middle East, at least 2 to 3 people in each district market.

325 Higer coaches in Ramadan Celebration in Qatar

Good Reputation for the Serving of Great Event

Ms. Xiang revealed that she often saw Higer buses at the street when business trip in Qatar. Higer products are impressive for the local dealers for good quality and considerate after-sales service. During the communication with the customers, she found that the most of them knew Higer buses. “Basically many customers can think of the service of our producing of Doha Asian Games and have an idea of what when mentioned Higer brand.” “In this January, the dealer from Qatar requests the order for 150 units.”

Higer Bus promotes brand in various ways :participation of the exhibitions in the countries such as Egypt, Syria, Qatar and United Arab Emirates, advertising on the local paper and magazines in cooperation with the local dealers and products display on the dealers’ website. Also, Higer Bus held launching conference for the new products. “We once held one event for new buses and tour exhibition, getting good response.”, said Ms. Xiang.