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Qatar is authorized to have the right of hosting the 2022 World Cup and it also brings good business opportunities for China commercial vehicle builders. It is known that it plans to build a new international airport and the public transport system with good air-conditioners by 2017 in Qatar to make sure the smooth transport for more than 50000 football fans over the world and 32 teams. It is no doubt of the huge market demand on commercial vehicles during the construction of the infrastructure for ten years, also it is good chance to promote brand as well as increasing popularity.

In recent years, more and more China commercial vehicle builders have started to focus on the international market and great events, Higer Bus has the trade cooperation with Qatar for a long time. In 2006, 500 Higer KLQ6109 and KLQ6796 served the 15th Asian Games in Qatar. Meanwhile, it signed the order with the customer from Doha for 360 buses. At present, Higer buses & coaches have been exported to over 30 countries and regions such as Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Panama, Qatar and Malaysia.

Higer buses in Arab country

According to Zhang Weidong, Manager of Overseas Brand Department of Higer Bus, "There have been almost a thousand Higer buses in operation in Qatar and our products are appraised for good quality and after-sales service. Higer fleet is the longest one during Muslim pilgrimage. It is quite possible that Higer Bus will continue to serve the 2022 World Cup." He introduced that, "In 2010, the overseas sales of Higer Bus accounts for about 15% of the total and it is gradually increasing, compared with that in 2008 and 2009. We are keeping on market research, technology improvement and analysis of the local factors such as climate, environment and geography to meet the customers' requirements in various regions."

V7 KLQ6796

v90 KLQ6109

Some expert suggests that China commercial vehicle builders should pay attention to the international trade environment, preventing of exchange rate risk, accurate evaluation of policy risks, timely adjustment of product structure and market positioning. The establishing of brand sales, service network and after-sales service system is worth of consideration.

Qatar,is an Arab country, known officially as an emirate, in the Middle East and bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south. The primary means of transportation in Qatar is by road, due to the very cheap price of petroleum. The country as a result has an advanced road system undergoing vast upgrades in response to the country's rapidly rising population, with several highways undergoing upgrades and new expressways within Doha under construction. A large bus network connects Doha with other towns in the country, and is the primary means of public transportation in the city.