In October of the golden fall, the newly established Higer Bus Training Center for Overseas Customer welcomes the first group of 5 trainees from SGO Co. Angola. 10 days of all-round training program was carried out by the senior automotive trainer from Canada and the experts of Higer Bus in this bright and spacious place and result in good effect.

In order to meet the requirements of customer and serve the Higer Bus users better, the Training Center for Overseas Customer was programmed at the beginning of 2008 and initially established in September of 2008.
The training room takes around 400 Sq. meters and is composed of product display section, operation training section; special tools display section and training office. Its product display and operation section includes vehicle operation training section, A/C/heater training section, engine section, gearbox section, axle and suspension section, etc. Higer and WABCO cooperatively developed the training program of brake system, clutch system and ECAS systems to ensure the best training result.

As the product training platform, the well established product training room is capable of fulfilling the basic product training program not only for product operation but also for maintenance no matter the requirement comes from inside departments or overseas service system.